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  1. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki
    thats the one i meant

    cool indeed, first time I see it tho ;0; #shame

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki Reminds me on a Darker than Black Wallpaper here with some huge graffiti.
    Did you see the wallpaper? its really good

    I'm sorry ;-;
    I haven't seen the wall ;-;

  3. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Apr 07, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki Happy to see it finished,!
    Still i connect the wallpaper now with a conversation you had with Val-chan about the Male Char here XD

    I'm glad it's done too xD
    And yes, the male character is that guy xD

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 01, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki i really like your work so far, didnt checked all but what ive seen is really great.

    Armageddon is starting soon and i will upload my wallpaper later so hope you will like it XD
    Not a masterpiece but i think it is obvious what message i wanna tell.

    Thanks! I'm always trying to evolve and get better, I like trying new things.

    Sure, I'll look out for it and let ya know what I think!

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki maybe we need some staff only making threads and speak to members to raise active or somethin like that XD
    Still who would wanna that kind of job .

    Its kinda getting uncouraging making wallpapers when visiting MT so iam at a loss most of the time as well.
    AT least you have fun with original work witch is really great. What kind of Original Artwork dou you do?

    Yea lol Like a sign up desk :b

    I make like anime styled art but I am trying to throw in semi realistic as well,
    I also make like banners, emojis, and I do like flowers and such.

    Here's my Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/puuka.productions/

    If you can't see that then here's my DeviantArt account - https://kit-neko.deviantart.com/

    I left DA just cause I wasn't getting enough attention and no one on my Friendslist was alive lol So there was no point.

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki I was thinking yesterday that even if MT got many lurker which keeps MT financially alive, that MT is more doomed than i thought.
    Usually there were always elite members who would succeed Mods if they retire but i think now there is none, and with so few active member its hard to find new elites so after current mods retire, who would be in charge? NO ONE!

    This topic sure is depressing so i hope i just read to much into it like usually.

    MT Armageddon is comin up and im totally out of motivation for it! im really hyped to make some Idolm@ster Wallpapers but sadly is for after the armageddon. What about you any possible way to see somethin from you again?

    Yea I actually noticed that, I'm not sure what the plan is after that. Honestly it's so quiet here it's not like there's
    much work to look after so I guess it wouldn't be that hard for someone to dedicate an hour to checking in or so.
    More mods were needed when the site was more active but now seems like a good number.

    Lol, yes it could all just be in our heads. I wish MT many more years of community and fun <3

    Well I did download some scans but I'm not really super excited about them, I'm more into making my
    own art atm so I've just been working on that. I'm not too sure what I want to post, kinda just thinking of some ideas still.

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki I think that the credit system should come back, while its nice to get it all for free it is also rude towards the artists and scanner who put time and money and effort into all ot this and we dont even get a mere thank you anymore.
    Fact is that people want to be rewarded for doin things, be it us with a "tank you" or " i really love youre work here" or getting privileges for bein a active member.
    If we dont try to find ways to communicate then society is doomed online and on the long run in RL.
    In the end its shequels call here if he wants a active great community or simply make a few more euros out of lurkers.

    Dont wanna sound rude or agressive here just think that change is long overdue

    That sucks. A lot of places usually you have to offer a incentive for people to stay and be active.
    No one does it just for fun anymore which is pretty sad yea, Or people would rather be entertained on YouTube
    than actually talking to someone or doing something active. Lazy generation >_<

    Yea I understand how you feel, I guess we'll just see what happens.

  8. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 29, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki With the discord server it might be a step in the right direction but its not enought if it turns out like a spammer gathering like the only threads we have here or rather had since they quite down after angelxxhuan was banned.

    I love to talk to people about art and iam always motivated seeing other working hard on it or simply seeing a great wallpaper, even the people who would like to talk about that stuff is to busy with RL or gave up on MT as well.
    In the end there is no reason for people here to communicate since there is a free income of scans daily and from time to time you get a wallpaper.

    i would like to say the future looks grimm but it already is like that in the present

    Yea definitely, it's pretty sad. Oh yea I noticed, that was crazy to see. Shame really.
    I wasn't ever as involved in the Forums as others, I tend to communicate either in GBs or PM, when MSN
    was still a thing that was like my main way of connecting and I loved it! So simple and everything was so easy to do and connect to people.

    Now it's Skype and I've never really been big on that, nothing compares to MSN. I really wished they'd kept it.

    If not Skype then FB messenger or Email, but like you said it's just not active enough.

    Yea, even the SB isn't as active as it use to be. I'm not sure what MT could do to keep up, I think people
    are just done trying to communicate or get involved. Life just seems to be too much it seems.

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 28, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki i hear you, if the concept of forums woudnt be dead then soeone could easily make a forum for people like us but the sad truth is that websites like minitokyo are outdated.
    Now days people rather use chatrooms then forum or dont like to communicate at all. Facebook and co for example are successful because there is no real communication and more of the persons life and people comment it in short sentences so there is no ongoing communication.

    I heard that if MT new version will be finished someday that the Forum might be archived but not available anymore so its sad if you think about it that people build a community upon not communicating anymore.

    Yea, exactly! A community that doesn't speak is outrageous! Talking and communicating is a beautiful thing,
    supporting and encouraging is such a hard thing to find these days and so many people need it.

    I personally love talking about art and sharing inspirations and such, I feel like as an artist it's super
    important to immerse yourself in communities and people.

    Yea, I've been reading up new things coming and that would be interesting to see but
    I do wish we could bring that togetherness back that I felt back then.

  10. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki I tried to find a different website but failed, i coudnt even fin a forum that still active enough except myAnime list or chrunchyroll, i stay away from those places.
    Hope to see better days here so as long as i love walling i will keep goin doin it here and hope for the best

    Yea, I searched a bit and there really isn't much out there unfortunately.

    I can't find any serious art sites that offer a friendly environment, usually just with snobby artist
    too stuck up to talk to anyone or offer any advice. It's really disappointing.

    Yea, gotta keep the dream alive <3

  11. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 26, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki Im also saddend to seeing the wallpaper section dead but i get the feeling that wallpapers generally everywhere is dying out.
    Maybe its because people use Phones and have no need for desktop wallpapers anymore i dunno.

    I got a few WIPs of older ones already started and a lot folders full of scans for future use but motviation is needs a boost most of the time since its no fun to make wallpapers for a rather dead section.

    Yea, most likely. It is sad, this is actually how it was right before I left. Nothing to manage and no one was
    putting out anything new. It was like a week or 2 before anything new would come out. Pretty sad.

    Motivation is hard, I stopped finding scans that gave me that excited, inspirational feel.
    I started working on my original arts and just trying to make those better instead,
    I tried being on DeviantArt but that site is really more for pro artist. My stuff was never seen or the site
    really didn't offer me anything so I left it and started personal accounts to help get my art out there.

    I'd say if you like doing it just make it, it's always worth doing something that makes you happy regardless of
    the media. That or maybe find a sub website that offers a livelier crowd? It's been hard to find anything close to MT, all I've
    found is amatuer sites with horrible artist, mostly kids and no real support just posting of bad pictures and then posting of pictures that
    are not theirs so I don't know what's the best option.

    But I love making art so I continue no matter what and despite everything that had happened in my life I always come
    back to art. <3

  12. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 25, 2018

    Quote by Shimazaki youre comments are much appreciated :)
    Im not a master Waller so im aware that some of my wallpapers got more flaws then others but i at least to wish to make decent reakes of my old wallpapers and correct issues with the new ones but at the same time i wanna do new stuff XD

    Oh definitely lol I'm the same, just the other day I was looking at an older work
    of mine and thinking of re-drawing it to fix all the errors. Honestly it would be better to just
    make a new wallpaper than to re-do an older one. I'm glad I can help! I love being able to give advice
    and receive as well, it has made me such a better artist.

    I was just thinking of how sad it is to see the Wallpaper section so inactive, I really wish things were livelier.

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