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  1. Angi Retired Moderator 3d 12h ago

    Quote by Shimazaki yeah, it should work out as one.
    Maybe i become one of theese chinese cookies XD

    That too xD quote it on a wall in the city, like artistic graffiti :P

  2. Angi Retired Moderator 4d 4h ago

    Quote by Shimazaki Sometimes it needs some time to know each other enough to to give it some more thoughts XD

    could be a famous quote someday.

    Should go on your siggy xD

  3. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator 6d 5h ago

    Following your invaluable participation in the February 2018 edition of Minitokyo Armageddon,

    for supporting discourse between Minitokyo members!

    Use the code below to display it on your userpage:

    <center><img src=""></center>

    If it shows up as with a black background, use this in your userpage CSS:
    img { background: none; }

    Thank you for your participation, and looking forward to seeing you again next time! :^)

  4. Angi Retired Moderator 1wk 0d ago

    After all this years lol *added back* xD

  5. Mayuuki 3wk 2d ago

    Quote by Shimazaki hey, didnt see you around. Noticed your name on the Fav list of the wallpaper. so how are you doin?

    Yeah, just dropped by to see what's up here and ended up laughing with all the Armageddon stuff, haha.
    I'm fine, back from a trip, now blue-haired (lol) and trying to organize my stuff/life. And you? How's life? :3

  6. Huesin Moderator 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by Shimazaki Hey how are you? hope your doin well and still remember me XD?

    Hey man, everything's good, and of course I haven't forgotten xD how's life treating you lately? :)

  7. Monu-chan Moderator 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by Shimazaki Hey i though i show some more presence for now so i thought i drop by here and say hi since its like old times.

    Any new WIPs on your end? hows College? Share some Indian heat pls XD

    Yup the new era is coming xD
    No wips really, I start something but lose interest in it after or during lineart.
    College is all good, I guess I literally live there, lol. Lol please take some nice 10 degrees of heat from here. xD

  8. elisadevelon Moderator 28wk 5d ago

    Quote by Shimazaki hey its been a while, hope youre doin fine.
    thanks for the comment im glad you like it and yeah the cards are empty since i had issues with the perspective of the cards to fill them with the real images

    Hello Shima, doing ok atm. Hope that you as well.

    Why issues with perspective? If you use PS, didn't you try Free transform ---> Perspective or Distort? It should help you get the right perspective on anything.

  9. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 16, 2017

    Quote by Shimazaki not much but lets hope it will better since over here 2016 was for many people a really bad year

    Yeah, 2016 was just shitty. By the beginning of 17, I don't think it'll be any better.
    For MT, I pretty much stopped trying, real life is so hard and time consuming. Studying and then working exhaust me. How funny I'm using Photoshop everyday, using tablet everyday, pen tool too everyday and creating art, but none of it has anime touch in it. After exhaustion of week, on Sunday I don't have energy or interest to make walls.

  10. Monu-chan Moderator Jan 09, 2017

    Quote by Shimazaki Hi, just wanted to check out here once in a while since WA isnt working for all of us always

    Hello Shimazaki-san! :D
    I come here pretty much everyday.
    How you've been? 2017 any different than 2016?

  11. elisadevelon Moderator Dec 16, 2016

    Quote by Shimazaki thanks for the comment and welcome back.
    I retired from walling for the community so didnt had the chance to see the other few walls i deleted but im happy you liked it

    Thank you too. :)

    That's a pity, though. As an elite, I actually do have access also to the deleted items and I don't understand why you had so many items deleted from the gallery. They weren't bad at all. :/

  12. Painter Sep 16, 2016

    Quote by Shimazaki i see, if its the zetman one then i obiously notice a pattern of your taste here XD

    I just love the drawing style *-*

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